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Worthy Specs Stand For scratch less specs

Spectacles can be difficult to handle, As I specky I can totally relate. All the Struggles and keeping lens scratch free is really a struggle. You can gift this to your Specky friend. This can-do wonders for them.

So, here are few decorative Spec Stand which you can keep nearby bed:

1. Wooden specs stand:

This is wooden handicraft which brings you traditional artifacts from India. Easily you can keep your specs.

You can get them here.

2. Shopaholic Unicorn Hard case:

Again, you are looking at cute hard cases for all ages. Fits small size eye-wear to protect lenses from scratches and abrasion.


3. Handmade Resin & Marble Dust Nose

  1. Too cute for grandparents as a gift on any occasion. To buy this click here.

4. Face Design spec Holder

A perfect gift for your loved ones wooden Spectable holder any eye wear holder.

To buy, click here.

5. Wooden Spectacle Holder(Brown): BestSeller

Really cool thing to put your glasses on; adds a contemporary touch to the decor of the room plus makes it easier to grab onto the glasses whenever you need them.

To buy them click here.

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