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For few years, Lifestyle will be all about sanitizers, masks, gloves and Infrared Thermometers. Family care comes with utmost importance.

Here comes few products for the same:

1. Disposable Hand Gloves:

One time usage gloves. These are gloves for protection from virus.

To buy click here.

2. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer:

Second and Utmost important thing in this COVID situation is Sanitizer. Of all the Sanitizer this works pretty well.

To buy, click here.

3. Dettol liquid Hand wash:

As recomdended by doctors we should wash our hands frequently with hand wash and should wash it for 20 secs.

To buy this click here.

4. Face Shield Mask Protection:

Mask are most important of all. Do wear shields when go out for important affairs.

To buy this shield, click here.

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